Message from the President

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Ron Wilcock

For me, serving as 2022-2023 President of the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club is an honour. With this honour comes my promise to stand with our dedicated members and donors who are committed to supporting our local community and global outreach projects.

Our club has a deep history of recognizing and supporting organizations within the Waterloo Region as well as many international causes. Through our charitable work we are able to help others improve their situation, and, in many cases, enable them to help others improve their situation. Take a look at the history of our club’s charitable work on the Our Causes page on this website.

And the future holds more of the same.

Our local fund-raising projects continue, with the annual Turkey Drive Campaign – see the Turkey Drive page on this website – bringing in more support from our community every year, enabling House of Friendship to help more people every year.

Each year, we also provide funding for a few, small, local projects. More information on this is available by selecting the “Support for Local Charitable Project” option in the Contact Us page of this website.

And we continue to host an annual fund-raiser for our international work – see the Lobsterfest page on this website – which is a major source of funds to support our numerous international projects.

Being part of the larger Rotary International organization, we share the values and overarching belief of “Service above Self”. We do things that no individual could do but together, we accomplish wonderful things.

I look forward to meeting you if you are interested in how you can be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who work hard, are committed to causes and have fun both during our many projects and in our many social activities throughout the year. We are always looking to find others who share our passions, and we have developed membership options to make it easy for you to try us out! If you would like to talk with me about our club, please use the “Club Information” option in the Contact Us page on this website and your email will be directed to me.

Striving to continue our club’s charitable goals,
Ron Wilcock

Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club

The Club was founded on June 25, 1971 with the purpose of expressing the objectives of Rotary, by supporting local community causes but also having a strong international focus – a direction that continues to this day.


The Club meets every Friday at noon – usually at the Westmount Golf & Country Club – to enjoy fellowship and a guest speaker. On special event Fridays, the location of the meeting may change depending on the purpose. 

Helping others, both locally and internationally, developing new friendships, and making solid professional associations, are major benefits of membership in Rotary. Since its inception, our Club has remained one of the most prominent in the Waterloo Region.

Fellowship Events

In addition to the regular Friday meetings, there are other events for members and for their significant others. These include Golf Days, the Family Picnic, Theatre Night, Ski Day, Trap Shooting, President’s Night, The District 7080 conference and the annual Rotary International Convention.

Our Charitable projects

Over the five decades of fun and fellowship the Club has been fortunate to have made a difference with both its Community and International projects. Since the beginning, it is estimated the Club has distributed over $15 million for charitable causes.  See the Our Causes page for more information on the charitable work we have supported.



Distributed to charitable causes

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Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club (KCRC) has a proud, 50-year tradition of providing exceptional support for charitable causes both locally and around the world.

We are always eager to talk with people who share our passions and want to join us as we do even more good work in and outside our community.

If you are interested in exploring Rotary, membership in our club, and you share the ideals identified below:

  • Interested in helping others elevate their life through our charitable projects
  • Willing to get involved in our activities, including events and fund-raising
  • Wanting to join a group of like-minded individuals with whom you can share experiences


Please fill out below the reason you want to join.

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